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Only the Cool Kids Do It!


Those of us who ice-fish have always known it.  Others are just beginning to figure it out. . . . Only the “cool kids” ice fish! Don’t believe me?  This commercial has been running on TV lately: https://youtu.be/SY77PRsbu9c I know this, they do not come any “cooler” than Matthew McCounghey! And he’s ice-fishing! When I run into ole Matt on the ice sometime, we will have to share tips: I thought it looked like he could have used more bait …

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Tip-Up Hook Keeper


Keeping tip-ups from being a big tangled mess after they are rigged with hooks and weights can be a challenge.  In my surfing around the inter-webs, I have found a couple of ideas you might like! Here is a website for that product:  TUHK. Or, if you have some corks lying around, here is another DIY idea: Never forget, proper etiquette dictates that when you get a bite, you yell at the top of your lungs, and run as fast …

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Adventure Report, Early February 2014

My family and I took a long weekend recently and made a trip “out west”.  We spent a lot of time with family and helped them get some chores done, but of course you know we were on the ice as much as possible!  It is time to give you a report, tell you about it. It has been mid-winter, but as you all know we had some brutal winds in January that opened up some of our ice.  We …

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