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Tick Talk: Be proactive to prevent tick bites this year

This year there are more tick bites being reported than in previous years. To prevent tick bites, be proactive and know how to help prevent them. Ticks will hide on a blade of grass or other plants waiting for a potential host to walk by – reaching out with its legs the tick catches a ride on an unsuspecting host; this behavior called “questing” will catch many people off guard during the tick season. People enjoying outdoor activities such as …

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Time for Tick Talk

EEEEK! TICK! The ticks are out! In Nebraska, ticks become active early in the spring and are one of the first biting pests we experience as the weather warms. Ticks are part of Nebraska’s environment, and they shouldn’t stop any of us from pursuing our favorite outdoor activities this time of year — wild turkey hunting, morel mushroom picking, bird watching, tent camping, hiking, fishing, etc. We just need to take the necessary precautions to dissuade these little buggers from crawling on us, embedding …

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