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“The One that Got Away”


I have told a few stories here about “the one that got away”.  Do not get me wrong, my fishing partners and I have landed A LOT of really nice fish over the years.  We have albums full of photos proving that most of them have not “got away”.  Yet, the ones that got away seem to live forever in our memory.  That is fine, that keeps us fishing, but hopefully there are some things learned in the process: Why …

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The Agony!


Found this clip on the interwebs.  Love it. Love it because I know exactly how this kid felt: Admit it.  You’ve been there. Here is the last muskie I had hooked: She was right there.  You can almost see the water swirling yet.  What hurt so much is I had just sat down and sharpened hooks.  I spent at least ten or fifteen minutes sharpening hooks.  Started casting again and it was not three casts and I felt that “thump”.  …

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Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! “I lost ’em”!


If you have caught more than one fish in your life, you have probably hooked and lost one, probably hooked and lost a big one.  We have all been there.  It hurts, I know. I found another blog that had a great post about losing a fish, The 7 Extremely Sad Stages of Losing a Fish.  Follow the link, read it, it will not take you long and it will make you smile. If you lose a fish, do not …

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