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A few of us were talking a week or so ago about “scary” outdoor experiences we have had, you know, Halloween-type stuff.  I spend a lot of time fishing after dark, and usually try to use lights as little as possible (do not want to spook the fish), but honestly, I can recall very few incidents in the dark that had me spooked.  Oh sure, there have been bats fluttering right over my head, spiders, hooting owls, howling coyotes, and …

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Skunk Spawn

I was a little late getting home for supper the other night.  Many times I can get a lot done in the office after 5:00 p.m.. after the phone stops ringing.  As I parked my pickup on the street and walked to the front door, I heard a great horned owl hooting.  Now I live in Lincoln, within the city limits, but there are a lot of trees and apparently a great horned owl was in listening distance.  I woke …

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