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Ruby Year


I was flipping through my turkey hunting scrapbook this spring when I realized this is the 40th year I have been chasing spring toms in Nebraska!  Some of you will say that means I am old.  Whatever, whippersnappers!  Let me reminisce a bit. . . . I am the second generation of spring turkey hunters in Nebraska.  That would be the second generation of turkey hunters since seasons were established and turkeys were re-introduced and recovered in the state.  My …

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Prime Time?


It is still spring and the turkeys are still gobbling.  Yes, I will get back on the water, soon, but please indulge me while I blog about spring turkey hunting again. . . . After writing my blog last week about The Casual Turkey Hunter, I got to thinking.  I have seen a number of mature toms killed in the spring.  Several of those I have pulled the trigger on myself, and a bunch more I have gotten an “assist”.  …

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