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Do Not Kiss the Turtles!


Found these pictures on the ole inter-webby someplace.  Do not know why anyone would want to post these photos, but apparently they really, really liked Snapping Turtles. I do not know how good of an idea that was.  Snapping Turtles can live in water that is not the cleanest and can carry things like Salmonella and other bacteria. Turns out that Snapping Turtles really are not that into kissing. Man, that had to hurt. Was that a nose ring or a …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – The Blind and Not So Blind

Do you know what you’re looking at below? A one-eyed channel catfish whose eye looks to be completely healed. They sure are tough suckers. How tough? Stay tuned to an upcoming issue of NEBRASKAland Magazine and I’ll tell you. You of course know what you’re looking at in the second photo – the answer to the time on the lake when your stringered fish were completely gone.

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