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Getting Permission to Hunt on Private Land in Nebraska

Maybe it’s because I am a lifelong Nebraskan with deep farm roots and help my brother manage his farm. Maybe it’s because I am a person with an outgoing, assertive, talkative personality who thoroughly enjoys interacting with people. Maybe it’s because of what I do for living and my employer. Maybe it’s because I pride myself on being a legal hunter and an ethical one at that. Maybe it’s because I really work at it. I don’t know for sure. …

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Hunter/Landowner Relations: How Sweet It Can Be!

One of the many great things about hunting game animals and birds in Nebraska is developing a close relationship with the landowner and his or her family. In my case, besides being able to deer hunt on their river land, sweet corn is but yet another sweet reward from my own eastern Nebraska landowner friends who have become like family to me. In fact, the landowner and his family have even helped me pick a pickup load of sweet corn to take home! “Take all …

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