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It is bowl season.  I love college football.  Of course the Huskers are my greatest love, but when bowl games are on, I will watch just about anyone, even Iowa.  Some games are between nameless teams in nameless places where they do not experience winter.  I suppose the break from snow and cold might be nice for some folks, but does anyone really want to get all that sweaty while playing a game?  In addition, there will be players go …

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Social Distancing Champion


With the current status of our world, I have been spending way too much time watching TV and surfing the interwebs.  Idiocy reigns. Oh sure, I have slipped out for some social distancing, sunshine, mental and physical health therapy.  Then, it is back home.  However, I have seen one commercial recently that I kinda like: https://youtu.be/AeavqyDYQtQ Who knew?  His name is Daryl.  Good name. For now, spending some time outdoors is still allowed.  As I said earlier, it is good …

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Raccoon Racing


My older cousin Robin often jokes that he taught me everything I know. He is right, at least in part. The problem is some of the things he taught me are not of much use.  I was reminded of one wise gem I learned from him when I saw several raccoons run across the road in front of my pickup one night this week. . . . Fur prices in recent years have been very much up and down.  If …

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Christmas Musings


I have a warped sense of humor, it is in the blood, comes from both sides of my family.  Found this Christmas commercial on the inter-webs, kinda like it: The deer’s name is “Steve”! Wonder where I could get that sweater? Now let me switch from the warped to the sentimental. . . . I have at least a couple of Patrick F. McManus books on my shelves at home (By the way, if any of you are still looking …

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Friday “Fungi” Fun

Just wanted to throw a few Friday “Fungi” Fun pics your way. Here’s a cool t-shirt I want my wife Polly to buy for me. Well, maybe not. I’ll just dirty it up. I really get into my morel mushroom hunting, you know! Now, for a quick quiz on “morelling.” See if you can find all five morel mushrooms in this pic. Good luck! Happy morel mushroom hunting or whatever Nebraska spring outdoor adventure you’re planning this weekend! If only this jake wild turkey would …

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Friday Funnies in The Great Outdoors

It’s FRIDAAAAAY! So, I thought I’d share some Friday funnies in the area of Nebraska’s great outdoors with you. First, courtesy of Dylan McCaugherty, Interactive Digital Media Manager for us at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (a.k.a. Digital Dylan), comes this one, entitled: The Antelope. Corny, but funny. Next, I have a couple crazy ideas for billboards, postcards, etc. promoting a new Nebraska tourism marketing campaign aimed at attracting outdoor enthusiasts to our state. What do you think? And finally, life would be better with my fishin’ if I …

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