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“Are they biting?”

If you are interested in fishing, you have probably asked, or been asked, a million times if the fish are biting?  I am betting I have been asked 10 million. You likely have heard some smart alec reply that “they are always biting”. Guess what?  The smart alec is right!  Decorum dictates that I usually cannot give that answer no matter how much I would like to. Seriously, fish have to eat, they have to take in energy to survive.  …

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Why You Won’t Throw a Big Bait


I have been blogging for a number of years now.  Many topics come around seasonally year after year, and I am always reluctant to offer up “re-runs”.  Then again, one way to learn something is through repetition. . . . So, I am going to return to a topic I mention pretty much every autumn, but maybe use a different approach this time. . . . I have often said that I am a believer in big baits for big …

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Go Slow, Go Big, or Go Home


Does not matter what part of Nebraska you live in, the past couple of weeks have been wet and they have been cold.  Some parts of our state have already seen significant snow.  To say we are in the middle of fall would be an understatement because the weather has been a whole lot like late fall/early winter.  If you are one of the few who has been spending some time on the water, you know the water temps. have …

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It Is a Fish Eat Rat World

It is Friday, quick blog post today, returning to one of my favorite subjects–predator/prey interactions! A co-worker sent me some photos this week of a largemouth bass his son caught recently.  Take a close look at this first photo and see if you can guess what that bass recently ate, look deep in the throat: Cannot tell?  Here is more of a clue: If you have not been “grossed out” yet, this will give it away: You may think that …

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It Is a Cat Eat Trout World

It is Friday, let me get up a quick blog post before the weekend. . . . You all know I am fascinated by predator/prey interactions, especially those that occur below the surface of the water.  This week our Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium posted a video on their FaceBook page.  You need to watch it! Cat Eats Trout I love going to aquariums, especially our Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium where I can see Nebraska fish!  I can stand and watch fish in an aquarium …

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It’s a Fish Eat Drum World!

One thing I love about my job is I hear a lot of fishing reports and fish stories.  I never get tired of them, especially if there are some pictures to go along with them.  One hit my computer yesterday, and I have to share it with you.  In fact I will do some editing, but let you read the message that Tyler E. sent to me: Howdy Mr. Bauer, I thought you might find this interesting.. My friend Seth …

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It’s a Fish Eat Mouse World!

You know I love predator/prey dynamics and believe an understanding of them is a major key to finding and catching fish of all kinds.  For my latest “installment” on this theme, let me share a picture with you. I have a nephew that is a trout bum (when I call him a “trout bum”,  it as a term of respect, I say it with pride and a little bit of jealousy).  This summer he has been guiding fly anglers on …

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Bit Off More Than She Could Chew

I have a couple of interesting pictures to show you.  This is a 26-inch walleye recently found at Johnson Lake. Here are a couple of other views: Obviously that walleye “bit off more than it could chew”.  Walleyes are predator fish, no doubt about it.  I have made the point before that predator fish may try to eat anything that will fit in their mouth.  Unfortunately, they can get something in their mouth that is a little bigger than will …

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