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Pike eat Pike World


Several weeks ago I blogged about “Scary Stuff” and how a little thrill now and then keeps us alive.  In our outdoor pursuits, knowing there are big, bad predators out there is what makes the “wild”, well, wild.  It is what makes it worth the time spent there. I get the same feeling on the water.  There are monsters there too and most of the time we cannot see them.  When I finally make contact, my eyes get wide, I …

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Yes, tomorrow is a holiday for all of us at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.  Make sure you thank a veteran tomorrow! Thank you all, appreciate everything you, and your families, have done to preserve our freedom! I am betting most of you have a friend or family member who is a veteran and maybe you can do a little more to show them some appreciation, maybe take them fishing or hunting! And then the day after tomorrow, Saturday, …

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A Sucker for Rings

Like iron filings to a magnet – or teenie-boppers to a Justin Bieber concert – I find myself almost inexplicably drawn to the ring-necked pheasant.  As October nears its end my mind centers more and more on the bird that wears autumn in its feathers. Make no mistake I love the chaos of a bobwhite covey, sing praises for the noble prairie chicken and sometimes swear at the devious sharp-tailed grouse.  However, when the final Saturday of the month arrives I have tunnel vision for the …

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