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Blotchy Bass


I have blogged about oddly-colored fish before, Just Fish, Weird, Bonus Fish, Details!  There can be several different reasons for those oddities in nature. Some of you bass sticks may have seen this already.  I was recently made aware and am just getting around to blogging about it.  There is an effort underway to better understand some of these unusual colorations on black bass.  You can be part of it: If you want, here is the link:  Blotchy Bass Bonanza. …

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If you spend time in the outdoors, on the water, in the field, or in the “woods”, you have to marvel at the variety you can experience in nature.  Sure, there are patterns, tendencies, habits, cycles, but if you spend anytime at all “out there” you will encounter something from time to time that you have never seen or experienced before.  And that is one thing that keeps us going back, again and again. With that in mind, let me share …

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