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Nebraska’s 156th Anniversary: The Story of My Pioneer Roots

They were immigrants who braved the unknown to carve out new lives in a strange new land among native inhabitants. They were about determination, perseverance, strong backs and an unwavering faith in their religion. They never recognized the impossible. They were tough. They fought and endured a Civil War. They loaded up their belongings and themselves in covered wagons and came here in search of a better life in which to claim land to farm, raise livestock, hunt, fish and …

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Nebraska History: Bikes, Farmers, and “Good Roads”

It was an unlikely alliance: farmers and bicycle enthusiasts. Both were dissatisfied with the muddy, unimproved roads of the late 1800s. But it would take a lot of tax dollars to build a modern road system, and not everyone wanted to spend the money. And then came a new, noisy, four-wheeled invention … Nebraska’s early roads were unmarked trails across the countryside. Railroads received large government subsidies, but the dirt roads linking farms and towns were seen only as a …

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Home Place


Going to go in a personal direction on my blog here again today.  Recently a cousin (second cousin actually, but who’s counting?) shared this photo on our family group FaceBook page: The adults in the photo would be my great-grandparents, the boy in overalls, second from the right on the running board would be my Grandpa, Oscar.  The photo was taken on the original homestead in western Nebraska.  A homestead that is still in the family! 150 Years of Ag: …

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Throwback Thursday: From Lemonade Ice to Outdoor Recreation

Did you know that a state recreation area near Omaha, NE was the site one of the largest icehouses/ice plants in the country? It sure was! In 1897-98, the Armour and Company Icehouse was constructed just northwest of Memphis, NE in Saunders County on a 154-acre tract of land purchased from a farmer who sold some of his property due to the severe farm crisis of the 1890’s. The Icehouse According to Nebraska State Historical Society records, the Armour and Company …

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Throwback Thursday: Old Town Site Within a State Park?

Did you know that one of our Nebraska state park lands actually has an old town site within its boundaries? Know which state park it is? Here’s the sign denoting the old town site that has couple reconstructed buildings. One of them is a reconstructed schoolhouse. There’s also a reconstructed mercantile. And, a reconstructed cabin near the old town site. Founded by Native Americans of mixed heritage to serve their reservation, this town sprung up around a trading post and …

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Preview of Ft. Atkinson Living History on WOWT Outdoors

Join me this week on my WOWT-TV/Channel 6 outdoors segment when we preview the exciting living history weekend (May 4th & 5th) at Fort Atkinson State Historical Park located on the east edge of Fort Calhoun. Fort Atkinson has fascinating history and is one of my favorite state historical parks in Nebraska! Most likely the reason Fort Atkinson is so special to me is that Park Superintendent John Slader lets me borrow and use the U.S. Army’s 1820’s uniform for …

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My job at Game and Parks is always interesting and everyday is a learning experience (even with my 34 years of knowledge, HA!). Below is an example of that. Recently, I was forwarded an inquiry about a postcard a gentleman had come across of a train car with the name Nebraska Game and Fish Commission on it. I knew from working at the Ak-sar-ben Aquarium fisheries facility near Gretna many moons ago that this was indeed a fish car. Interestingly, …

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