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“Trashellunge” Revisited

I hate “litter bugs”.  If I see another styrofoam worm container on the shoreline of one of my fishing spots, I am going to scream!  I have used the word “pig” before to describe folks who discard all manner of trash in our environment and especially around our public fishing areas.  I probably should not call ’em “pigs” because that is offensive to real pigs.  If I had my way, discarding trash of any kind on our public hunting and …

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I know for some of my blog readers this is not new and you have already seen it.  But, I know that there are others that have not seen it and need to! I hate litterbugs!  The trash that infests the shorelines of many of our fisheries makes me furious.  Sometimes a person can either cry about it, or laugh about it.  One of my buddies spends way too much time watching River Monsters, http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/river-monsters , and found a way …

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