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Earth Day? 2015

I have a couple of calendars in my office that have something about “Earth Day” scribbled on the square dated April 22, 2015.  I have taken a cynical view of “Earth Day” in the past, have reflected that in my blog, and do not feel any differently today.  Let me tell you why. . . . Earlier this week I stopped at a stop-light and watched the pig in the car in front of me squash out his cigarette and …

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“Trashellunge” Revisited

I hate “litter bugs”.  If I see another styrofoam worm container on the shoreline of one of my fishing spots, I am going to scream!  I have used the word “pig” before to describe folks who discard all manner of trash in our environment and especially around our public fishing areas.  I probably should not call ’em “pigs” because that is offensive to real pigs.  If I had my way, discarding trash of any kind on our public hunting and …

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I know for some of my blog readers this is not new and you have already seen it.  But, I know that there are others that have not seen it and need to! I hate litterbugs!  The trash that infests the shorelines of many of our fisheries makes me furious.  Sometimes a person can either cry about it, or laugh about it.  One of my buddies spends way too much time watching River Monsters, http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/river-monsters , and found a way …

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Today is Arbor Day, in many ways an uniquely Nebraska holiday ( http://www.arborday.org/media/timeline.cfm ).  Earlier this week was “Earth Day”.  You may have read previous blog posts of my expressing my cynicism of the whole “earth day”, “stewards of the land”, message spouted one day or two days a year by many folks.  Personally, I hold that there are many who “talk the talk”, but on an individual basis fall far short from “walking the walk” of Arbor Day and Earth …

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