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Merry Christmas!


Heading out the door for the holidays.  I will be “in” and “out” over the next couple of weeks, but mostly “out”.  Hopefully I can get on the ice sometime during that period, but we will see.  If not, I will see what other adventures I can find.  Stay tuned! Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas Deer


From me and all of mine, Happy Holidays to you and all of your family!  Hope it is a great holiday season for you with plenty of time with family, feasting and all of your favorite holiday traditions.  Also hope you get some time to slip out and enjoy our great Nebraska outdoors–GO HUNT!, GO FISH!, GO TRAP! If you encounter any dancing bucks, let me know where I can see them too! Or maybe just lay off the eggnog! …

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Sunset Deer

I am going to steal a photo from my nephew’s FaceBook page for this Friday’s blog post.  He got this on one of his trail cameras recently: Obviously it was purely fortuitous that he got that picture, but you can get some really amazing pictures with trail cameras.  Professional wildlife photographers use them too; they may be a little more sophisticated than the versions used by avid deer hunters, but the technology is the same. Yes, trail cams allow us to …

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