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A Life Well Worn


It wasn’t until I finally shot the turkey that I noticed what had happened to my boot. It was twice as large as normal, a clown shoe of sorts, and the first line of my internal dialogue was “I don’t feel injured.” Yet something still wasn’t right. Both of my feet were wet, as they often get when turkeys pitch down from their roost on the wrong side of the creek and I’m forced to quickly head them off. But …

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The Best Gifts

Last year I listed my top 5 items to avoid for the outdoor-women & sportsmen on your list.  I still stand by them. However, this year just prior to Halloween I received my first Christmas catalog from a large outdoor retailer.  About the same time a third zipper failed on my deer hunting backpack, I busted through a major seam on one of my favorite pair of hunting boots, and my headlamp took a swim in a nearby duck marsh …

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