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Independence Day


The “4th of July” is a huge holiday for my family.  Many of us would rate it as the best holiday of the year.  Why?  I do not know all the reasons, but most of all it is enjoying our time together.  Oh, there will be lots of good food, antics, and yes, you could say we like to blow stuff up, but really I believe it is because we do it all together! Have you ever stopped and wondered …

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Before I head out the door for the Thanksgiving holiday, let me share some thoughts with you. . . . The holiday feast we are going to celebrate this week is one that is uniquely American.  I will not bore you with all the old stories we learned in school, but it is our history, from the pilgrims to Presidents Washington, Lincoln and FDR this has been designated as a special day set aside for the celebration of harvest and …

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