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Ice Time with Dad

Fishing isn’t always just about the fish. Like many of us, I grew up learning how to fish from my dad. Many summers were spent camping out at Merritt Reservoir SRA and casting off the bank. I still remember catching fish with my Snoopy fishing pole before I graduated to a regular pole. I especially remember the time when I caught a fish before my older brother did. Anyway, can’t talk too much about summer now as I trudge through …

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Grandpa, Can We Go Fishing?


My kids, nieces, and nephews grew up watching a video we, the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, produced, Grandpa Can We Go Fishing?  For those of you old enough to remember VHS, we may have worn out one or two of those tapes. So, I was thrilled to see we have posted the entire video to our YouTube page.  Now we can keep watching! Hope you and yours enjoy that video as much as we have over the years.  Better yet, …

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Hey, Sunday is Mother’s Day!  I was sitting here wondering what to blog about and it finally dawned on me, Duh! I found this video on the internet, yes, it has C-U-T-E dripping all over it.  I believe there will be a bunch of mothers, and others, who will like it. It is never too early to share your outdoor passions, hunting, fishing, trapping, with your kids.  Start ’em early, pass it on! You never know what they will grow …

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Growing Up Jenny Newman

Earlier this fall my daughter celebrated her sixteenth birthday.  Yes, I realize that is a big one.  No, she does not have her driver’s license yet.  We are still working on that, there is no hurry.  No, we did not throw some outlandish, too-expensive birthday bash. We went fishing. Yes, we go fishing for all kinds of reasons, do not even need a special occasion, but this trip was on purpose and there was a special reason.  We went over …

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Went Fishin’

Today, the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend 2013, members of the Wagner Family who were available to go fishing – went. We sure had a great time! We fished the waters of  the Elkhorn River as well as an Elkhorn River oxbow pond in western Sarpy County, NE that a buddy of mine owns. Thanks Mark! The oxbow pond looked like a picturesque postcard this afternoon. The river was beautiful as well. One of my objectives was to take my …

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