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Ice Gear Prep


Long range forecasting of the weather is filled with uncertainty, so I will not pretend to know how soon it is going to start getting cold.  The calendar is soon to read “December” and chances are there is some cold weather in our future, but how soon we will have enough ice for ice-fishing is anyone’s guess.  In Nebraska “normal” is the average of the extremes, and I have been on the ice as early as Thanksgiving.  However, most years …

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Some Tips from the Ice

The extended forecast is not looking real good for our 2016 ice season, but I hope to squeeze out a few more days on the ice this winter.  I thought I would share some thoughts and tips I have been reminded of this winter. . . . I have said before that the variety of fishing lines we have available now is amazing.  I am old enough to remember when there were a handful of quality monofilament lines on the …

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Funny Fishing Commercial for the Weekend

It is after the first of the year–time for all the new episodes of all my favorite fishing shows.  I have only been able to catch a few of those so far, but I am already pretty sure this is going to be one of my favorite commercials this year.  Love the ” ‘tude”. . . . [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXTg1uGrsaA[/youtube] “Sorry honey, that fish is gaawwwwnnnn” Seriously, I am not sponsored by anyone, but I will tell you that Suffix lines have …

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