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Standing Bear Update


Many of you will remember that we started an angler access and renovation project on Standing Bear Reservoir this spring (Standing Bear Renovation).  Beside the renovation of the fish community, this concept map describes the work being done: Weather has been relatively favorable this summer, dirt has been moving and progress is being made.  Got a few photos to show.  These are some of the angler access improvements along the north shoreline: Here is a big picture view from the …

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Willow Lake Renovation

Last week our fisheries personnel along with help from a bunch of other folks applied rotenone to Willow Lake (the Willow Lake in Brown County).  Willow Lake has been an excellent largemouth bass and panfish fishery over the years, but recently has been dominated by black bullheads and common carp.  Those species not only are less desirable to anglers, they also degrade water quality and habitat and are a detriment to all other fish species.  When that happens the quickest …

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