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“Blinded Me with Science”, Catfish 2020


From time to time I like to blog about some deep, science-stuff.  I do not do it often, because I do not want to be boring.  On the other hand, I know many of you have at least a passing interest in fisheries science and the work done by pointy-headed, fisheries biologists. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific literature documenting everything related to fisheries science and the almost infinite number of fish species.  Unfortunately, there is so much it …

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Last week I had a boring blog post about fisheries science.  It was a fundamental description of what a “fishery” is and how pointy-headed biologists manage fisheries.  Part of the reason I posted that was because I wanted to lay some ground work for additional posts about other fisheries management topics.  So, let me reconvene the Fisheries Science 101 class again today and talk about a subject that I believe is misunderstood by some. . . renovations. Let me start …

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Fisheries Science 101


Ever since my days as a wide-eyed graduate student, I have known that folks, especially outdoors- and fisher-folks, have a great interest in what we do as fisheries biologists.  Early in my career I took every opportunity to communicate with people the work and projects I was participating in, and over the years my job has evolved into one where I do that all the time! However, it dawned on me last week that there are a lot of misconceptions, …

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Standard Surveys


Every season there is something going on if you are a fisheries biologist.  I would not say that there is any “down time”.  However, I would say that spring and then fall it is particularly busy.  Right now, Nebraska’s fisheries biologists are on the water sampling fish populations on a variety of waters across the state. Nebraska’s fisheries biologists conduct what we call “standard surveys”.  Those are fish population surveys that are carried out according to standardized, scientific methods in …

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By now I am guessing those of you who frequently read my blog have noticed some changes.  Our “IT” folks here at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission are updating some things and trying to make everything more user-friendly and inviting to a wide range of folks.  Nebraska’s great outdoor resources can be enjoyed by everyone. They are still working on RSS feeds for the “new” blogs, but I believe you will be able to sign up for the RSS …

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Careers in Conservation

School is starting up again.  I often have students ask about my education and what I did to end up being a pointy-headed fisheries biologist.  I have blogged about that before ( http://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2010/09/go-big-red-and-blue/ ), but let me mention something even better that my fellow Nebraska Game & Parks Commission employees have produced: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VBV1vnMqlM[/youtube] By the way, I have been “around” for quite awhile now.  It is refreshing to have a number of younger, newer, enthusiastic pointy-headed fisheries biologists like Jordan …

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