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The Original Conservationists


I have blogged about this topic before, but it has been awhile.  The model of wildlife conservation on this continent has been the most successful in history.  Yeah, yeah, I know that is a boring topic and can be an extensive one as well.  However, if you hunt, fish, trap, enjoy our natural resources in any way or feel that conservation of those resources is important, then you need to understand this model. Stumbled upon this relatively short article that …

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Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers

I have something I want to spread the word about for my blog post again today.  You may have seen news releases on this already, but in case you have not: Help stop wildlife crime with new reporting tool Helping law enforcement eliminate poaching in Nebraska just got a little easier, thanks to a new program by Nebraska Game and Parks. The new online reporting tool allows people to anonymously report suspected wildlife violations through a form at OutdoorNebraska.gov/WildlifeCrimestoppers. People …

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Christmas Gifts


Maybe you have your Christmas shopping all wrapped up already (pun intended).  But, I am betting like me, most of you are still wondering what to buy.  Good thing we still have time! I am not going to post links to this fishing tackle company or that store.  I imagine you are getting plenty of those in your “in box” already.  However, in my “in box” today, I did find that the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, TakeMeFishing.org, has a …

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Happy Thanksgiving, 2016


It is late November again and time to head out the door for Grandma’s house for the annual Thanksgiving feast.  This year I started doing some research on the origins of Thanksgiving, but I did not go far before it made my head hurt.  Like many things related to history, there is some debate as to origins, exact times and places, etc., etc.  In addition to the United States and Canada, there are some other places that observe thanksgiving holidays, …

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Weekend Events, Sept. 25 2015

You probably are not going to see or hear anything about this, probably not going to be parades and news conferences like there should be, but tomorrow, September 26, 2015 is National Hunting and Fishing Day!  Governor Ricketts signed the proclamation! So. . . what does that mean?  This will give you a little bit of an idea. . . . Here is why it is worth a proclamation! You have probably heard me say that hunters, anglers and trappers …

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