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Going Outdoors Alone in Winter: Survival and Splendor

I treasure my time spent alone in nature or in a rural setting, especially this time of year in Nebraska. If I don’t get some alone time in the great outdoors, I end up getting a little restless, grumpy and cabin fever-like (just ask my wife, Polly). Alone time is essential with the hustle and bustle of the season and all that is happening in this world. Sure, it is safer and more fun to share your outdoor adventures with …

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Holiday Season: Thankful for the Beauty of Nature

It’s the holiday season and I’m thankful for the beauty of nature in Nebraska. I am thankful for the sky. I am thankful for the breathtaking views of the landscape. I am thankful for the diversity of habitat. Grasslands. Wetlands. Woodlands. Water. And, yes, even cropland. I am thankful for all free-ranging, living creatures. Large. Medium. And, small. I am thankful for being allowed to harvest nature’s bounty. I am thankful for being given the role to become an active participant in the cycle of nature, the …

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