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Name-the-chick Contest – it’s on!!!

It is time to commence the “name-the-chick” contest.  Once again, we look forward to a spirited contest with numerous imaginative entries.  Previous winning names can be viewed here.  Rules and important information are as follows: There is one male Peregrine Falcon chick. The period to submit names is 29 May June to 10:00 a.m. CDT 11 June. From all the entries, finalists will be selected and the public will be allowed to vote on their favorite.  Voting will end 19 June and the …

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A Nebraska Peregrine Falcon appears in Texas

I received an email yesterday informing me that an adult Peregrine Falcon was sighted at the Anadarko Petroleum Corporation north of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas.  Fortunately the observer, Linda Kuhn, was not only able to see that the bird was banded, but also captured photographs of the bird, including a couple of shots which show the color band.  You can see the band in the photo, below.  So who is this falcon?  Where did it come from?  When and where …

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Peregrines receive their names

This year’s Peregrine Falcon progeny will now be known as “Meadowlark”, “Goldenrod”, and “Cottonwood” for the state bird, state flower and state tree, respectively.  This is perhaps the most underwhelming announcement of all time because everyone already knew this information.   Nevertheless, the voting was fierce with over 850 ballots cast. Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and voted. Two individuals submitted the winning entry.  Willie Braun of Lincoln, Nebraska, with assistance from Bethany Schmidt, submitted a paper ballot at the …

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Two eggs for a wintry day

As some have already seen, the female laid a second egg midday on this cold and snowy April 11th.   After the female laid the egg, the male tended to the clutch-in-progress.  He was not providing much in the way of good views of the eggs.  The second eggs came as expected, about two days after the first one was laid.    If another egg is on tap, expect to see it sometime Saturday (but don’t hold me to it!).

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Capitol Peregrine progeny takes over in Omaha

Our friends over at the Woodmen (http://falcons.woodmen.org/) in Omaha announced this morning a mystery that was covertly solved late last week.   There is a new male Peregrine Falcon at the Woodmen this spring, supplanting the long-lived Zeus.  Surprise, surprise, the new male Peregrine in Omaha was hatched at the Capitol in 2010.   It has the band combination 57/H and was assigned the name “Mintaka” as a result of our “name-the-chicks” contest. It was just over a week I blogged …

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Peregrine Falcons will be back in 2013!!

Some of the bugs and details are being worked out, but the Peregrine Falcon webcams will be up and running again this year. In fact, they are up and running right now.  All we need is some spring weather and a couple of birds.  The Peregrine Falcons are around, they apparently overwintered at the Capitol again this year. Thanks to Troy Kroeger for his work on this project and also thanks to our collaborators down at the Nebraska State Capitol …

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