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Purposes of Camo

As I was rooting through my camouflaged clothing the other day in the Wagner basement/outdoor cave looking for a particular garment, some questions came to mind. Does all of this camouflaged clothing really matter? I am using each of these? What purposes does camouflaged clothing really serve? Why do I end up wearing it much of the time yet I’m not entirely outside? Whether for function or fashion, whether heading to the ground blind or golf course, I do not truly believe that camouflage is ever off-trend or out …

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Hunting Clothing Expert on Great Outdoor Radio Show

Brett Moderow, Scheels Hunting Clothing Expert, stops by the Great Outdoor Radio Show I host on Saturday morning to answer any questions you have about clothing for the various hunting seasons. You’ll learn a lot listening to and chatting with Brett. He spends an immense amount of time in the field enjoying the great outdoors! And, he sure knows a thing or two about clothing for hunters, let me tell you! Nice camo there, buddy. Oh, and nice buck and …

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Too Much Camo?

As I was rootin’ through all of camouflage clothing today, gettin’ ready to open Nebraska’s Fall Wild Turkey Hunting Season this week, I got to thinkin’ … Can a guy or gal who loves to hunt really accumulate too much camo? C’mon, are you serious? As an avid outdoor enthusiast for many, many moons here in the Cornhusker State, I’ll tell you that you can never, ever have too much gear, especially camouflage clothing patterns for the various hunting seasons, …

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