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A fun challenge for you: Camp at home, Nebraska

Camping at home

LINCOLN, Neb. – Though Nebraskans everywhere have been practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the community, camping enthusiasts need only look to their home or backyard for the ultimate “getaway.” “Nebraska Game and Parks Commission knows that camping is one of many people’s favorite activities, and we want to encourage you to create memories with your family during this time by doing some of your favorite things at home,” said Parks Division Administrator Jim Swenson. …

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While at Home, Watch Birds

You’re staying at home, hardly going anywhere except for essentials. There’s not a lot to do. Or, is there? Have you ever taken the time to watch or listen to the birds around your yard, acreage, farmstead, ranch house or lake house? After all, it is spring and that means courtship, breeding and nesting. But spring is also means migration. Our overall diversity of birds peaks in early May, so new species arrive every day or week. I have to …

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