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Callie Rietfors is a as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, currently working toward a Master’s in English and a Certificate in Advanced Writing. She grew up in Oklahoma, frequently visiting my grandparents in Denton, Nebraska, and made the move here in 2009. When not writing, she enjoys swimming, fishing, crafting and spending time outdoors with her lab-Vizsla rescue, Mika. She started as an intern with NEBRASKAland Magazine in 2015.

Campsite Craft

Keeping kids entertained on family camping trips can sometimes be a challenge. Instead of packing extra things for them to do, create a fun craft—and souvenir from the trip—using materials gathered at the campsite. Make a dream catcher with only a few small items from home, and send the kids on a scavenger hunt for the remaining materials. A Native American tradition, dreamcatchers were made to hang over you while you slept, in order to filter nightmares from dreams. The …

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