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Prescribed burns planned for Rock Creek Station SHP

Rock Creek Station State Historical Park in Jefferson County will conduct several prescribed burns on tallgrass prairie and forested areas within the park in the coming weeks.

The objectives of the burns are to enhance the growth of native grasses and reduce non-native and woody vegetation, protecting prairie and woodland habitats. The burns also will reduce standing and dead vegetation, helping prevent the potential for destructive wildfires. The grasses will regenerate quickly following the burns.

Burn dates will be determined by favorable weather conditions and the availability of staff and resources. Each burn is expected to be completed within one day, with active burning taking several hours.

Smoke will be visible from a distance. For public safety, interior roads and trails may be closed temporarily while burning and monitoring are underway.

Local residents and park visitors should be reminded smoke is possible after the burn is completed. Staff will continue to patrol and monitor the burn area until the prescribed burns are declared extinguished.

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