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She Goes Outdoors Podcast: Restoring Streams One Beaver Dam at a Time

Beavers, master carpenters of the animal kingdom, build dams as protective shelters to raise young. Also known as ecosystem engineers, beaver dams beneficially alter the surrounding environment more than any other mammal. When beaver populations suffer, biodiversity does, too – but why? Human-built dams, called Beaver Dam Analogues, are made to mimic the function of a natural beaver dam. We discuss their purpose.

About She Goes Outdoors: Join a team of all-female hosts from Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa to learn a little, laugh a lot and get inspired to get outdoors! To learn more, visit https://www.sgooutdoors.com/ She Goes Outdoors is hosted by Julia Plugge of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Tanna Fanshier of the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and Rachel Alliss of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

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