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Landowners should visit NGPC site to provide parcel ID

Improvements to the Nebraska Game and Parks online permitting system require landowners to submit their parcel identification number as part of their user account profile.

Landowners are encouraged to visit the site at GoOutdoorsNE.com, look up their accounts and update their profile with current information, including their parcel ID. Parcel IDs can be found on the landowner’s real estate tax statement or via the county assessor.

In the new, user-friendly permitting system, customers can purchase a permit, apply for a draw permit, or set their account to auto-renew previous purchases. Landowners also may add qualifying family members to their land via the customer profile.

Nebraska offers many hunting opportunities — many at reduced rates — to qualifying landowners and their immediate family.

To learn more about the new permit system, visit OutdoorNebraska.gov/permits.

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