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Burchard Lake road improvement project to begin Oct. 17

A road repair project at Burchard Lake Wildlife Management Area in Pawnee County is scheduled to begin Oct. 17. Access to roads, the campground and boat ramp may be closed temporarily.

The north campground will be closed during this project, but the south campground will be accessible.

Users should know asphalt may be sitting on some of the roads on the WMA and they should be aware of construction traffic during this project.

This project, which should last roughly 20 days, consists of improvements to the interior WMA road, WMA campground road and to a portion of 615 Avenue from Highway 4 to the WMA.

Burchard Lake is closed annually to all access Oct. 15 through Jan. 14, except walk-in access for bank fishing along the perimeter of the lake during open water and ice fishing when safe ice exists.

Access to the area below the dam remains open during this timeframe.

Camping is only allowed in designated areas. The area is closed to all firearms and all hunting. Closures to the north campground and interior road will be done by posting temporary signs and barricades so road improvements can be completed.

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