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Emergency boat ramp repairs underway at Sherman Reservoir

Low water levels at Sherman Reservoir have revealed needed repair work to the Marina Bay boat ramp, including the east lane, which has settled over time and has a nearly 5-inch lip. | Jordan Katt, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

The Marina Bay boat ramp at Sherman Reservoir near Loup City will be closed starting at 7 a.m. Sept. 19 until further notice so immediate repairs can be made.

Low water levels in the reservoir have exposed a significant settlement of the east lane, which has caused a nearly 5-inch lip to occur on the ramp. On the west lane, the ramp has cracked and needs immediate repair during this low water period.

Work is expected to take one week, with the ramps closed a minimum of an additional two weeks for the concrete to cure.

Boaters may use the Tradewinds Marina ramp to access the lake; all other ramps are closed at this time.

Farwell Irrigation District, who owns and operates the dam at Sherman Reservoir, is partnering on this project by reducing water inflows enough to allow repairs to be made before the ramp becomes submerged again.

Questions can be directed to ngpc.boatingaccess@nebraska.gov.

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