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She Goes Outdoors Podcast: Outward Bound

By Julia Plugge, Tanna Fanshier and Rachel Alliss

Outward Bound: Changing lives through challenge and discovery

Elizabeth Thacker reminiscences her 7 years as an Outward Bound instructor, unplugged from society, living weeks at a time in the rugged wilderness. She relives her experience leading youth on back-country expeditions, living out of a hiking bag, boosting with Oreos and scoring #2! Hear about Elizabeth’s adventures and learn about the Outward Bound program. www.outwardbound.org/

About She Goes Outdoors: Join a team of all-female hosts from Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa to learn a little, laugh a lot and get inspired to get outdoors!To learn more, visit https://www.sgooutdoors.com/ She Goes Outdoors is hosted by Julia Plugge of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Tanna Fanshier of the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and Rachel Alliss of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.