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Celebrate Nebraska Pollinator Week, June 21- 27

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska has many native pollinators, including more than 200 species of butterflies alone. Celebrate the role they play during Nebraska Pollinator Week this June 21- 27.

Through the pollination of crops, insect pollinators add more than $217 billion to the worldwide economy. Species also pollinate more than 180,000 plant species worldwide – ensuring ecosystems produce food for countless other species, including pheasants, songbirds and mammals.

Nebraska Pollinator Week is the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s statewide focus on the international Pollinator Week effort. Pollinator Week, in Nebraska and internationally, is an effort to celebrate and raise awareness about pollinators and their conservation.

The public is encouraged to take part in virtual and public events around Nebraska. A list of these events can be found at nebraskapollinatorweek.org/events.

Game and Parks also is hosting the second annual Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge. The goal is for participants to submit at least five pollinator photo observations using the online platform iNaturalist. Learn more about the Nebraska Pollinator Week Challenge at nebraskapollinatorweek.org/challenge.

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