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Will We Ever have Good Ice?

Unfortunately, it has been a relatively warm winter.  Yes, since the first of January, I have been on the ice a number of times; however I would not say ice conditions have been great.  From what I am hearing, that is still the case in much of Nebraska.

The high winds we had a couple weeks ago killed us.  Nothing “eats” ice like wind.  The ice can withstand some days of warm temperatures, can even withstand some rain and snow-melt.  It will not withstand high winds.

Since then, we have been barely cold enough to start making ice again.  Then “snowmageddon” happened this week.  Snow ain’t good either.  It insulates the ice.  Snow also weighs down the ice forcing water up and creating a slushy mess on top until that gets cold enough to freeze.  Worst of all, snow covers everything making it harder to read the ice.

Needless to say, be careful out there.  Make sure it is safe, make sure every step is safe.

I have heard some tragic reports on the interwebs.  Points to the north of Nebraska that usually have a lot more ice have had marginal conditions this winter too.  I have seen some crazy things posted, like this guy:


I wonder how good the bite is through the ice when you are riding a “walleye chop”?

These guys seem to be hanging around everywhere:


But, I have heard they have some good advice,


Yeah I know, my “Friday Funnies” are making light of what is really a serious situation.  Ice safety is no laughing matter.  If you wish, I blog about it multiple times every winter (e.g. Annual Ice Safety Reminder).

It is supposed to be fun, and if  it is safe, it will be.  Hope you get on the ice and have some fun this weekend.  Just make sure it is safe!


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