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Winners announced in Nebraska Fish Art Contest

LINCOLN, Neb. – Youth from all across the state were winners in the 2020 Nebraska Fish Art Contest, which brings together youth, art and aquatic conservation.

In the contest, young artists create an original illustration of any official state-fish – Nebraska’s state fish is the channel catfish. They also submit a written description of that species’ behavior and habitat, and efforts to conserve it.

The artwork of the top three placers can be viewed at StateFishArt.org. Nebraska’s top three finishers in each age group, including the fish species depicted in the art, are:

Grades 10-12 – First place: Margaret Olivia Hoff, Alliance, channel catfish; Second place: Caleb Cockborn, Emerson, channel catfish; Third place: Carter Luber, Emerson, channel catfish

Grades 7-9 – First place: Christopher Neuharth, Crofton, channel catfish; Second place: Eleanor Wehr, North Platte, Florida saltwater sailfish; Third place: Sally Joyner, Humboldt, sailfish

Grades 4-6 – First place: Sunflower Cardinale, Omaha, Atlantic sailfish; Second place: Tzeitel Wehr, North Platte, Colorado cutthroat trout; Third place: Trevin Klein, Merna, largemouth bass

Grades K-3 – First place: Kiersten Hans, Bloomfield, channel catfish; Second place: Julia McNamara, Papillion, Atlantic sailfish; Third place: Gunner Johnson, Springview, rainbow trout

“The Nebraska Fish Art Contest is an amazing way to connect with young people and highlight the incredible natural resources our state has that are waiting to be explored,” said Larry Pape, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission aquatic education specialist.

The contest is sponsored by Game and Parks, Wildlife Forever and Bass Pro Shops.

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Jerry Kane is the news manager with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He can be contacted at jerry.kane@nebraska.gov or 402-471-5008.

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