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Western NASP tournament continues to grow

LINCOLN Neb. – Twenty schools and more than 160 archers competed in the Western Nebraska NASP Regional Tournament on Feb. 29 at the D & N Event Center in North Platte. It is a growing event with plenty of room for expansion.

The objective of the tournament, in its second year, is to expand archery in the North Platte area and western Nebraska for archers participating in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) curriculum as part of their school education.

“Not only has the tournament grown, it is attracting school teams of archers from across the state and beyond our borders,” said Aaron Hershberger, state NASP coordinator. “We look forward to see where this goes in 2021.”

Hershberger said NASP fits archers of all athletic abilities and backgrounds and allows them to succeed.

“We would like to challenge more Western Nebraska schools to harness the impacts of the NASP curriculum by competing in this tournament,” he said.

Students who compete in the Western Nebraska NASP tournament are invited to shoot at the state tournament March 21 in Lincoln. The 2021 Western Nebraska NASP event is scheduled for March 6.

“NASP is strong in western Nebraska and there are plenty of archery skills, too,” Hershberger said. “Events like this give student-archers the chance to prove it and keep some of the trophies and plaques in western Nebraska.”

The tournament results are:

Girls – 1. Eyelynn Heisler, Millard Holling Heights, 172; 2. Natalie Vander Velde, Grand Island Tri-City Homeschool, 159; 3. Ralynne Fangman, North Platte Cody, 140; 4. Ellie Hampton, North Platte Lake, 128; 5. Carlie Berliner, North Platte Lake, 123
Boys – 1. Khalon Newtson, North Platte Lake, 262; 2. John Lehman, Grand Island Tri-City Homeschool, 209; 3. Easton McGee, Grand Island Tri-City Homeschool, 205; 4. Shane Patterson, North Platte Lake, 199; 5. Cody Aguirre, Gering Northfield, 188

Middle School
Girls – 1. Kalainey Nickel, Lincoln Pound, 257; 2. Addison Olson, Lincoln North American Martyrs, 255; 3. Kianna Isom, Lincoln Pound, 252; 4. Alyanna Casillas, Lincoln Pound, 248; 5. Skyler Meinecke, Lincoln Pound, 248
Boys – 1. Alex Cabela, Lincoln Pound, 282; 2. Trey Fenton, Lincoln Pound, 277; 3. Nick Brodsky, Grand Island Tri-City Homeschool, 274; 4. Hunter Falkinburg, Lincoln Pound, 270; 5. Aaron Wohleb, Lincoln Scott, 268

High School
Girls – 1. Shauna Moran, Lincoln North Star, 288; 2. Gracen Jones, Lincoln East, 287; 3. Katheryn Rice, Bellevue Cornerstone Christian, 282; 4. Mikenna Gerber, Lincoln Southeast, 280; 5. McKenna Lewton, Lincoln North Star, 279
Boys – 1. Harrison Harvey, Lincoln Southwest, 284; 2. Grant Helkenn, Lincoln Southwest, 282; 3. Nick Mass, Lincoln North Star, 280; 4. Matthew Gruhn, Lincoln Southeast, 277; 5. Alex Falkinburg, Lincoln East, 276

Overall High Score
Girls – Shauna Moran, Lincoln North Star, 288; Boys – Harrison Harvey, Lincoln Southwest, 284

Middle School – 1. Lincoln Pound, 3,051; 2. Grand Island Tri-City Homeschool, 2,637
High School – 1. Lincoln North Star, 3,212; 2. Lincoln East, 3,167

Fun Shoot Challenge Balloon Pop – 1. Bellevue Cornerstone Christian; 2. Lincoln Southwest

Regional Nebraska Academic Archer NASP Team – Aaron Wohleb, Lincoln Scott; Alex Bjorman, Lincoln Southwest; Alex Cabela, Lincoln Pound; Alex Falkinburg, Lincoln East; Ashley Ocken, Milford; Connor Birkholz, Lincoln East; Gracen Jones, Lincoln East; Grant Helkenn, Lincoln Southwest; Hailey Cabela, Lincoln Southeast; Harrison Harvey, Lincoln Southwest; Hayes Jensen, Burwell; Hunter Falkinburg, Lincoln Pound; Jace Ostrom, Burwell; Jaden Merkel, Lincoln North Star; Jadyn Jorgensen, Lincoln North Star; Katheryn Rice, Bellevue Cornerstone Christian; Matthew Gruhn, Lincoln Southeast; McKenna Lewton, Lincoln North Star; Mikenna Gerber, Lincoln Southeast; Nick Brodsky, Grand Island Tri-City Homeschool; Nick Mass, Lincoln North Star; Rheece May, Bellevue Cornerstone Christian; Shauna Moran, Lincoln North Star; Trey Fenton, Lincoln Pound

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