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The Lion and the Log

When I showed up at Indian Cave State Park to check my camera trap on February 25, 2018, I was thrilled when I looked at the camera’s LCD and saw that I had captured the photo I’d hoped for: the mountain lion that had been roaming the forest walking across a fallen tree at dusk a week earlier. When I got back to the office and opened the images in Photoshop, I found another surprise. The lion first triggered the camera while walking along the ridge 20 yards or so behind the log. Hearing the click of the shutter, she paused and looked back toward the camera, reversed course and walked back to the log, starting to step off of it before continuing on her way. During the course of one minute, the camera trap captured 22 images with all or part of the cat in the frame, 18 of which you see here. —Eric Fowler

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