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Home Made Bowfishing Kit

How to make a home made bowfishing kit:

Step 1: Find an old bow you wouldn’t mind using as your ‘fishing bow’.

Step 2: Either buy a bowfishing arrow or make your own bowfishing arrow.

Step 2.1: To make your own bow fishing arrow, I would recommend selecting an aluminum arrow to avoid carbon splinters as the slide lock slides up and down the shaft of the arrow.

Step 2.2: Make a slide lock with a washer that fits comfortably loose around your around shaft. Simply drill another hole in the washer to attach your line to.

Step 2.3: Buy or make a bowfishing tip. You could reverse modify an expandable broad head, but I would recommend spending the $5.00 on an actual bowfishing arrowhead.

Step 2.4: Finally, install a stopped towards the back of your arrow so the sliding lock doesn’t come off when you peg a nice carp. I used the same trusty wad of duct tape for my first few years.

Step 3: Next, find a bolt that will fit the stabilizer receiver for your bow, and grab a tin can or old plastic cup.

Step 4: Make a hole in the can, slide the bolt through, and screw the can/bolt unit into your bow.

Step 5: Make sure to tie the base of your line to your bolt (firmly scured to your bow) and the tag end of your line tied to your arrow. Just stuff the excess line in you tin can and you are ready to shoot some carp.

Happy Hunting!

Story and photos by Dylan Tegtmeier
Dylan Tegtmeier

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