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Better Fish Pictures

I am going to be incredibly lazy with my blog post today, all I am going to do is copy a blog done by my co-worker and buddy Greg Wagner.  Don’t worry, he knows I am doing it. Greg recently wrote a blog on taking better fish pictures.  It is a very good blog and I want to circulate it even more: How To Take Better Fish Photos Greg Wagner July 10, 2018 Whether you or your fishing partner have landed the fish …

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10 Tips for Insect Photography

Insects like this katydid nymph can be very satisfying to photograph – as long as they don’t fly, jump, or crawl away first.

Photos and story by Chris Helzer Have you ever wanted to take better photos of insects? Of course you have; insect photography tops every self-respecting outdoor enthusiast’s list of aspirations. It’s hard to hold your head high among your peers when they’re showing off spectacular photos of leafhoppers and damselflies and all you have is a blurry shot of something that might have been a bee. Worry no more, my friend. Here are 10 tips that will make you a better …

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