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So what do you want to know about Dutch oven cooking?

I love to eat, but admittedly do not cook much. I am the chef’s sampler indeed, but not a chef. There is one thing connected to the great outdoors regarding cooking that truly intrigues and amazes me though – Dutch oven cooking. The lid is lifted off a Dutch oven containing an Apple Butter Pecan Cobbler dish ready to eat! MMMmmm … Photo by Tara Marrero of Ashland, NE. I have been around Dutch oven cooking for some time, but …

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8 Great Grilling Tips

The warmer weather is here and it’s time to fire up that grill, if you haven’t done so already! Some of us grill meat and other foods year-round, while the rest of us are probably just beginning. Regardless, as the weather improves and becomes more summer-like, it means more home-cooked, barbecued meals for the folks in your household. Grilled Nebraska steaks. Photo by Greg Wagner/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Though I may not cook much (my wife will tell you …

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