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Yes, tomorrow is a holiday for all of us at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.  Make sure you thank a veteran tomorrow! Thank you all, appreciate everything you, and your families, have done to preserve our freedom! I am betting most of you have a friend or family member who is a veteran and maybe you can do a little more to show them some appreciation, maybe take them fishing or hunting! And then the day after tomorrow, Saturday, …

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A Sucker for Rings

Like iron filings to a magnet – or teenie-boppers to a Justin Bieber concert – I find myself almost inexplicably drawn to the ring-necked pheasant.  As October nears its end my mind centers more and more on the bird that wears autumn in its feathers. Make no mistake I love the chaos of a bobwhite covey, sing praises for the noble prairie chicken and sometimes swear at the devious sharp-tailed grouse.  However, when the final Saturday of the month arrives I have tunnel vision for the …

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