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Hey, Sunday is Mother’s Day!  I was sitting here wondering what to blog about and it finally dawned on me, Duh! I found this video on the internet, yes, it has C-U-T-E dripping all over it.  I believe there will be a bunch of mothers, and others, who will like it. It is never too early to share your outdoor passions, hunting, fishing, trapping, with your kids.  Start ’em early, pass it on! You never know what they will grow …

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Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  What mother does not like baby ducks? Oh, my grandmothers liked baby ducks as much as the next mother, but my grandmother’s also were pike fisherwomen.  They liked catching big, bad, baby duck-eating pike! Grandma Roth even got a Master Angler Award for that fish.  I have the award here on the book shelf in my office. Mom got in on the pike-catching too.  I am guessing this pike ate little baby ducks. I have posted …

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Happy Mother’s Day, 2013

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I am sitting here trying to think of something related to Mother’s Day that I could blog about without repeating a blog post I have already done on past Mother’s Days.  My wife is helping out in the floral department where she works this week because of the Mother’s Day “rush”, and that got me to thinking that I have taken several pictures of Nebraska wildflowers and have not used most of them in any kind …

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