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A Deeper Meaning to Deer Hunting

Someone once said: “Deer hunting is a lot about nothing.” “Nothing,” seriously? In my view, that statement is so far from the truth. It is the time of year for archery deer hunters and soon, firearm deer hunters, to be on their stands or in their blinds all day long, up to 12 hours … alone. During part of a day off, Nebraska Conservation Officer Rich Berggren of Waterloo allows a photo to be taken before he enters his firearm …

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Who’s Crazy?


My name is Daryl. I am an ice-fisherman. In many circles, that makes me crazy. Many of you know, you hear the whispers, see the looks, the rolling of the eyes, shaking of the heads.  “Normal” society judges you to be a half-bubble off level if you enjoy going out on the ice, drilling holes and catching fish.  Afterall, who likes the cold?  Must be something wrong with you if you do. While “normal” people rejoice in mild, warm winter …

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