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Big Enough


At our ice-fishing clinic in Kearney last Saturday, during the classroom session, someone asked a question about the size of ice holes allowed in Nebraska, and what size ice auger a person should have.  Mostly for safety reasons, the largest diameter ice hole allowed on Nebraska public waters is 10 inches. While answering the question about what size of auger an ice angler should invest in, I started with one of my favorite answers, “It depends”.  There are more ice …

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Take Care of your Auger, and Your Auger Will Take Care of You!

Isom Bauer 002

Even the most hard core of us ice-anglers are now resigned to the fact that it is going to be a few months until we are on the ice again.  Yes, I go through a period of depression every year when the ice melts.  In short order, I pick up the open-water rods and reels and “get back on the horse”, but I still am counting the days until we again have ice! So, I know many of you reading …

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Ice anglers are a resourceful bunch.  There are way more and way better commercially-made products on the market now than ever before, but most of us still have to have at least some homemade “stuff” in our ice sleds.  Recently I saw this video on the internet and laughed out loud, this is taking it to a whole ‘nother level! The sound of an ice auger running is one of my favorite sounds! There is even a FaceBook page, Ice …

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