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Ice Gear Prep


Long range forecasting of the weather is filled with uncertainty, so I will not pretend to know how soon it is going to start getting cold.  The calendar is soon to read “December” and chances are there is some cold weather in our future, but how soon we will have enough ice for ice-fishing is anyone’s guess.  In Nebraska “normal” is the average of the extremes, and I have been on the ice as early as Thanksgiving.  However, most years …

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Ice Auger Rodeo

These videos have been on the internet for awhile, but I just recently found them and thought they were hilarious.  Apparently, this is what happens after too long spent on the ice not catching fish (I suspect some “adult beverages” were likely involved too). By the way, do not even think of doing this with my auger.  That cannot be good on ice augers. But if you want to fire one up and give a demonstration, I might watch. Unless …

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