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Ice Depth-Finder Modifications


I have a hard time convincing ice anglers nowadays that there actually was a time when we caught fish through the ice WITHOUT A DEPTH-FINDER!  Certainly, many of the “millennials” or “Generation Z-ers” or whatever, cannot even imagine being on the ice without that technology.  But, as the Sonic commercial jokes, some of us are “perennials”–thought we were dead, but we just keep coming back–and we can remember when we caught fish, lots of fish, through the ice while fishing …

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Staring at the screen

Once again I am going to say something that makes me sound really old:  I have been thinking while on the ice the past couple of weeks that I have been watching a depth-finder dial while ice-fishing for over 20 years now.  Let me tell you that we caught a darned lot of fish through the ice before the fancy depth-finder gadgets were adapted for ice-fishing, and you can still catch fish through the ice without a depth-finder.  But, if …

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