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You Are Too Busy


Heading out the door for the weekend.  This is a big, BIG weekend in Nebraska–the opening of the firearm deer season.  It is not a state holiday, but it should be!  Yes, I know many have been bow-hunting for weeks now, but this is the weekend when we will have by far the most hunters in the field.  So, to commemorate the occasion, I have a video clip to share.  First the disclaimers:  I do not condone drinking of alcoholic …

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Motorists Should Use Caution to Avoid Collisions with Deer

LINCOLN – Deer are more active this time of the fall. Crops are being harvested and deer breeding season is in full swing. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has suggestions to help drivers avoid deer-vehicle accidents and lessen the risk of personal injury or vehicle damage. — During the breeding season, bucks become more active searching for does with which to breed. Bucks are bolder, less wary and more susceptible to collisions with vehicles. Deer movement peaks each day …

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“Big, Big Weekend Up Here at the Lodge. . . “

It is Friday and for many of you I suspect I will not have to tell you to get outside and enjoy Nebraska’s great outdoors this weekend. Tomorrow is our rifle deer opener and it is a “Big, Big Weekend Up Here at the Lodge. . . “ For those of you heading out deer hunting, I do not condone the boorish behavior, drinking, bad manners and poor judgement recited in this video, but here are some big bucks to …

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