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More Than Just Jewelry

We absolutely treasure them. We collect them. We investigate their origins. We tell stories of the hunt about them. We give them places of honor on our call lanyards. But, official waterfowl leg bands are more than just coveted collectibles, more than just “priceless jewelry” to hunters. The information the bands possess is vital to the management of these web footed birds. There are even monetary reward bands. Getting a duck or goose with a reward, or “money” band on it is extra special because they …

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Hey bird dude: I found a bird band, now tell me about the bird

This letter arrived in the Nongame Bird Program mailbag late last week: Mr. Jorgensen: I found this tag [bird band] on Holmes Golf Course in Lincoln.  A Red-tailed Hawk and one of its offspring were eating whatever this tag was attached to.  Please send me any info you get regarding this tag.  I’m curious to know what the raptors were eating.  Thanks, – Jerry in Lincoln. Jerry: Thanks for the letter and for sending in the bird band.   Different bird …

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