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Day Off

Nebraska may be the only state in the union that recognizes Arbor Day as an official state holiday, but I am glad we do!  If you have not done it already, you need to go to Arbor Lodge sometime, see the mansion and grounds, and learn about the significance of this Nebraska holiday.  My buddy Randy Fox is superintendent there, tell him “Hi” for me. I will enjoy my day off, may not plant a tree, but probably will be …

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Today is Arbor Day, in many ways an uniquely Nebraska holiday ( http://www.arborday.org/media/timeline.cfm ).  Earlier this week was “Earth Day”.  You may have read previous blog posts of my expressing my cynicism of the whole “earth day”, “stewards of the land”, message spouted one day or two days a year by many folks.  Personally, I hold that there are many who “talk the talk”, but on an individual basis fall far short from “walking the walk” of Arbor Day and Earth …

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